Renos was born on February 26, 2017.  The initial project was comprised of just one team member.  The initial distribution was done via airdrop to anyone who wanted to obtain a wallet and get an address.  The original Renos mission statement was:

“ Renos is a minimalistic cryptocurrency with a primary goal to build a strong internet community. 
A successful coin stems from a large user base and as a result an economy begins to grow around it. 
This is why Bitcoin is the most successful and why many of the multi-million dollar valued cryptocurrencies thrive today. “

While Renos has evolved and become more robust and feature rich, we like to believe that our primary mission statement still holds true.  We have adapted  to be more competitive in the market by switching to a more feature-rich blockchain. Our primary focus still is driving the growth of our community and incentivizing contributions and engagement.  We will continue to build and develop tools and features around Renos that adds value and drives adoption

Where is this going?

Our vision is to create a unique user experience where they are part of a community and have a say in the direction of the project.  The governance model we are working towards will create a truly decentralized system that will accept proposals from the community and put them to be voted over the blockchain. We want to appeal to investors of every size, so we have been working towards a tiered masternode and voting system that will allow for holders of all sizes to both stake rewards and vote on proposals.  Based on their holdings their stake reward and vote weight will vary. We are finalizing the proposal for this new system and will present it to the community in due time.

  Everything we develop will be at the forefront of discussion with the community.  Holding RNS and having a Masternode gives you a voice in the future of this project.  We are excited about possibilities that lie within having a tiered system that gives all holders big and small incentive to earn rewards and contribute their opinions in a decentralized fashion that has minimal borders to entry.

   With the additional talent we have added to our team we will be working on projects to both add value and appeal to both large and smaller investors.  Our trading software along with other tools will require holdings of RNS to operate.  Beyond that we will add advanced charting, automated predictions and coin movement tools to holders above and beyond what is required for the traders basic operation.  We should have progress updates on it later in Q4.


Initial Distribution

Screenshot 2017-02-26 11.18.26